Market Research Associate

Market Research Associate


Chapel Hill, NC


Part Time

As a market research specialist you will use your experience to develop new strategies to improve the performance of Hyperspace Venture's systems and our vendor network. While working closely with fellow marketers and product managers, you will use your experience in design, analytics, and product testing to design models of new concepts, simulate their performance, and evaluate their benefits and impacts to cost, reliability, and expansion of our network. Using your analysis you will be present your findings to your peers, and will work with product managers to integrate them into our product plans.

This position requires superior analytical thinking, and an ability to apply technical and statistical knowledge that can be used to identify opportunities for industrial research. You should be able to extract and analyze large amounts of market data, and should also be able to use the necessary programming and statistical analysis software/tools to do so.

  • Experience in market research and analysis
  • Ability to summarize large amounts of data 
  • Mastery of statistics and probability, particularly their application in systems analysis and operations research.
  • Good problem solving and data analysis skills
  • Experience with inventory planning and supply chain management (forecasting, planning, optimization, and/or logistics).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience working with data mining on large datasets (“big data”).


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