Our freakishly
lucrative referrals

Refer us to a startup or small business you know, and help them grow their business. PLUS we'll give you 5% of their project cost when they work with us.


Does your friend fit into one of these categories?

Ambitious businessperson

who needs help designing + developing the business' web & mobile applications

Owns a successful business

but their technology is old and dated, and needs an upgrade

Brilliant entrepreneur

who is seeking funding for their great idea that will make a dent in the universe

Make your friend love you
by introducing them to Hyperspace now!


Does your friend's situation not match any of the above? Do not worry, Hyperspace has a solution to it, just let us know the details!

Why are we your best bet to help your friend?

We've been in your shoes and we care about your success.

3 easy steps to get rewarded by helping a friend



Connect us with your friend by filling out a quick form



See your friend’s business explode AND receive your share of the success immediately after each payment we receive



Whenever a friend you referred works with us, you can keep 5% of their project, no matter the project size

Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering how you can get friendship points AND commission?

Do I qualify to refer a friend?

Yes! There are no requirements to who can be a referrer.

Who can I refer Hyperspace Ventures to?

You can refer anyone or any company who you think will benefit from working with Hyperspace. We are experienced in website and mobile applications design and development, digital marketing, data science, and entrepreneurship consulting. We are also venture capitalists, so if any of your friends have innovative ideas and are looking to get started, we'd love to hear from you!

How do I make sure I get my commission?

We will let you know once your friend has selected us for the project, and you will get paid immediately after each payment we receive.

How do I get started?

Get started by getting in touch with us with the Contact Us form below! Let us know how to reach out to your friend, an overview of what the project entails and/or how you think we can help.

More ways to share your referral partner status.

Highlight your status as a Hyperspace partner. This badge directs your visitors to us when it is clicked. This is perfect for inserting on your website or blog. Our code auto detects where the user came from and you get paid 5% for the referral.

Select your badge options.

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