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Meet our team

We're a team of makers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. We approach work with curiosity and experimentation, using what we’ve learned over the past decade to create meaningful digital products that connect with people, just like you.

Taylor Meyer Hyperspace Ventures Managing Partner

Taylor Meyer

Managing Partner

Co-Founder of UConnection | MBA Kenan-Flagler | Software Engineering, Harvard University | 9 Years Product Management & Digital Strategy

Zach Hunter Hyperspace Ventures Managing Partner

Zach Hunter

Managing Partner

Co-Founder of UConnection | Design, University of North Carolina | 9 Years UX/UI Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, & Digital Strategy

Alex Rafiee Hyperspace Ventures Managing Partner

Alex Rafiee

Managing Partner

Investor in MyTennisLessons | Co-Founder of FitnessTrainer | Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | 5 Years Angel Investor

Prash Hyperspace Ventures VP, Technology


VP, Technology

M.S. Software Engineering | B.A. Management | 14 Years Technical Product Management, Asana, Git, GitHub, AWS, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, Laravel

Bernie Hyperspace Ventures VP, Finance


VP, Finance

M.S. Accounting | B.A. Accounting | 27 Years Book Keeping, Accounting, Financial Reporting, Tax, Quickbooks Online, Excel

Jay Hyperspace Ventures Director, iOS


Director, iOS

M.S. Software Engineering | 11 Years Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, C, C++, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Pritesh Hyperspace Ventures Director, Web Dev


Director, Web Dev

M.S. Software Engineering | 13 years PHP, Java, Javascript, C#, C++, SQL, Laravel, HTML, CSS, Git, Github

Dev Hyperspace Ventures Director, Android


Director, Android

M.S. Software Engineering | 11 Years Java, Raspberry Pi, Javascript, C, C++, HTML, CSS

Aakash Hyperspace Ventures Data Scientist


Data Scientist

B.S. Information Science, Harvard University | 8 Years Facebook Ads, Digital Marketing Expert | $12M+ Managed In Marketing Spend

Jackie Hyperspace Ventures Director, Design


Director, Design

B.A. Design | 10 Years UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Invision, Google Analytics

Dill Hyperspace Ventures Web Dev


Web Dev

B.S. Software Engineering | 8 Years PHP, Java, C#, C++, SQL, Laravel, HTML, CSS, AWS, Git, Github

Alicia Hyperspace Ventures Technical Product Manager


Technical Product Manager

B.S. Commerce Marketing & Information Technology, University of Virginia | Photoshop, Asana, HTML, CSS, Python

Milan B. Hyperspace Ventures Web Dev

Milan B.

Web Dev

B.S. Software Engineering | 5 Years React JS, Node JS, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, HTML, CSS, AWS, Git, Github

Kajal Hyperspace Ventures WEB DEV



B.S. Software Engineering | 5 Years Node JS, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, HTML, CSS, Git, Github

Milan K. Hyperspace Ventures Web Dev

Milan K.

Web Dev

B.S. Software Engineering | 5 Years React JS, Node JS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Laravel, HTML, CSS, Git, Github

Krishna Hyperspace Ventures Web Dev


Web Dev

B.S. Software Engineering | 5 Years Vue JS, React JS, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Git, Github

Sarah Phillips Hyperspace Ventures Business Development Associate

Sarah Phillips

Business Development Associate

B.A. Spanish, Italian, & History, Stanford University

Hayley Carter Hyperspace Ventures Marketing Analyst

Hayley Carter

Marketing Analyst

B.S. Economics, University of North Carolina | 4-Time All American in college tennis, ACC all time leader in singles victories, Top #100 WTA

Meeko Hyperspace Ventures Chief Barketing Officer


Chief Barketing Officer

Meeko’s classic bowtie and no-pants combo makes him the resident style guru at the Chapel Hill office.

Meet our advisors

Our mission to provide resources and inspiration for entrepreneurs is guided by the best. Learn more about the advisors who are supporting us on this journey.

Scott Hyperspace Ventures CEO, Ultimate Software (NASDAQ: ULTI)


CEO, Ultimate Software (NASDAQ: ULTI)

Multi-Billion Dollar Software Company | Number 1 On Fortune Magazine’s “Best Workplaces in Technology” List for 2018

Peter Hyperspace Ventures CEO, The Fox Companies


CEO, The Fox Companies

B.S Economics, Stanford | Manages Over 1.5M Square Feet Of Office & Retail Space | Founding Investor, Jimmy John's | Active Technology Investor

Dennis Hyperspace Ventures CEO, Hair Cuttery


CEO, Hair Cuttery

Employs Over 11,000 Licensed Stylists & Is Approaching 1,000 Operating Locations

Scot Hyperspace Ventures CEO, Emerald Multi-Family Office


CEO, Emerald Multi-Family Office

Family Office, Wealth Advisor | Firm Currently Manages $1.5B In Assets

Terry Hyperspace Ventures Founder, MarkeTech


Founder, MarkeTech

PhD Statistics | MBA Wharton Business School |Built And Sold MarkeTech Systems International to NYSE: PBI

Farid Hyperspace Ventures CEO, R&G International


CEO, R&G International

Owns and manages numerous U.S. and international companies | Specializes in defense manufacturing, aviation, real estate, sports, and IT.