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Digital Marketing Director

Hyperspace Ventures is looking for someone to keep us ahead. Every day new opportunities emerge from every platform; each could present new and innovative ways for how we connect with consumers. We are looking for a talented individual that is passionate about the digital world, and using technology to enhance connections between Hyperspace and our portfolio companies, with the customers. As a key part of our Digital Marketing team, you will be a gas pedal for Marketing that helps shape Hyperspace’ presence on every platform across the world.


  • We want you to help create a culture focused on getting tests out into the world. This can range from an interactive experience for a single campaign to developing a whole new way for people to buy our shoes that changes the industry forever.

  • You must obsess consumer experiences of the near future and future for us. We will have amazing stories being created across marketing. How do these come to life in unexpected ways on digital platforms?

  • You will develop the strategy and pipeline of opportunities for us on new areas such as Gaming and AR.

  • Build relationships with top partners in the digital industry focused on making opportunities happen to serve consumers.

  • You must have a POV and be a passionate advocate for what can be done. When major announcements happen, people should trust that you will very quickly be able to serve up opportunities for Hyperspace. Not everything will happen immediately, but that shouldn’t deter you from constantly ideating.

  • You must be an amazing collaborator that can work across the whole building with people in Brand Comms, Brand Design, Custom, Digital Product, etc.


  • 3-5+ years experience. Looking for someone who has done things of impact in the digital space but is hungry to score more goals!

  • Passionate understanding of a broad spectrum of digital platforms. You should have a POV on Snapchat v Insta, impactful start-ups and new tech, the best Youtubers, etc. You may not know all of them right now, but with a few days notice you should be able to get up to speed.

  • Have endless answers to the question “what is awesome?”

  • Great connections to digital platforms and agencies. You should know people who can help get things done.

  • Entrepreneurial; when you see announcements and news you immediately connect with external and internal partners to assess.

  • Strong project management skills


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